My Home Away From Home; Electric Forest

Every summer for the past 4 years, I have attended the music festival in Rothbury, Michigan; Electric Forest. This is my “home away from home”. Everybody at the festival is so accepting of whoever you are, no matter your race, age, gender, or lifestyle. Here, I feel like I belong. Advertisements

That Time I Opened for DIPLO

On October 8th, I had the opportunity to open for one of the BIGGEST EDM artists in the world, DIPLO. I have been a dj and producer for 8 years and finally had my big break. I have worked for Life in Color for 3 years now doing promotions and finally got the offer to open for the…

COOKN Up Something In The Studio

I’ve had the great opportunity to shoot photos for my friends Josh and Nate in the past couple of months. They are Electronic Dance Music (EDM) producers who go by the name of COOKN. From starting out small, they have blown up in the past two years and are even booked to play a couple of Music…

A Torn Country

On November 12th, I had the opportunity to travel to Chicago with my dad to attend the GRiZ concert at Navy Pier. As we walked through Chicago, we came across a #NotMyPresident protest that traveled throughout the city. Streets including Michigan Ave. were shut down as protesters marched. The election this year has caused the country…

Say hello to my new puppy, Uma!

Today i’d like to introduce you to my new dog, Uma! She is a Husky, Shepherd, Shiba Inu (Doge) mix! As of today she is 9 weeks old and is one of the sweetest dog breeds you will ever meet!

KHz Official Promo

Welcome to something new. Enjoy. — KHz Official (@khz_official) May 14, 2016 Check it out!

SEO Assignment

5 Original Terms; Nicholas Kurtz Nicholas Technology in Careers Kurtz GVSU Kurtz Grand Valley Nicholas Kurtz Snowboard 5 New search terms after researching SEO with Google AdWords; Social Media Jobs (22,200 searches) Social Media Manager Jobs (8,100 searches) Social Media Careers (5,400 searches) Social Media Marketing Jobs (4,400 searches) Media Jobs (4,400 searches) Utilization of…